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Evi Huijbers

Donkstraat 30a
5427 HA Boekel
The Netherlands

t. +31 6 189 60 859


About me

Making clothes out of material, that's the basis. It fascinates me to create fashion out of different types of materials, textile or non-textile. The first 5 months of 2011 I have been traveling through South East Asia which inspired me for creating a new collection.
At the moment I am developing this new collection for winter 2012/2013.

Collection: Paperwork

My graduation collection begins with the interest in materials and is inspired by the old technique of making paper. Just because paper is not an obvious material for clothing, it is a challenge to make fashion with it. The handmade paper that I use as 'textile' for my collection is made out of lints from the laundry dryer. It's nice to give 'life' to waste material that normaly would be thrown away. The clothes in this collection can be worn two or three times and after that, because it is made out of paper, able to be recycled into a new garment.

Perhaps a new solution in our today's disposable culture in the ever faster changing fashion?

Model: Julie Evers, Photography: Gisela v Kreij

Website & Logo: illuWorks

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